Dragon Mania Legends- Tips and Strategies

Winged serpent Mania Legends is a mythical beast rearing and battling diversion from Gameloft. In this amusement, you raise and prepare your own one of a kind mythical beast armed force to go up against a noxious Viking risk. Gamezebo’s Dragon Mania Legends Tips, Cheats and Strategies will enable you to cook the terrible folks.

Winged serpent Mania Legends Tips Cheats Strategies

You can gather from winged serpent refuges some time before the coin symbol flies up – The monsters in Dragon Mania Legends store gold in various sums as indicated by their sort and the sanctuary they live in. Every refuge has a greatest measure of cash it can hold. At the point when the den is just about topped up, a currency symbol will seem to connote it’s prepared for gathering. Be that as it may, you can tap on the den and gather from it some time before it’s topped up. This is a decent approach to guarantee your mythical beasts will have the capacity to continue storing gold, particularly in case you will quit playing for some time.

Pet your winged serpents regularly for coins and jewels – Dragons adore consideration. Pet them up to three times at regular intervals for simple gold and intermittent jewels. The higher the mythical serpent’s level, the more gold you’ll get for petting it. dragon mania legends hack

No compelling reason to purchase mythical serpents – Though you have to purchase base-component monsters (Fire, water, wind, and so on), any winged serpent with double components (or more) can be reproduced. It may take a while, however tirelessness pays off.


Keep your ranches developing nourishment constantly – Dragons can truly chow down, particularly when you’re attempting to develop them past level four. Keep your homesteads beneficial, form the same number of as you’re permitted, and overhaul them when conceivable. Develop sustenance as per how you play. On the off chance that you check in once every day, grow a considerable measure of nourishment over a few hours.

Mythical serpent Mania Legends Tips Cheats Strategies

Research the “How To?” alternatives on Dragon of the Month and Dragon of the Week for rearing tips – Gameloft grandstands uncommon and amazing mythical beasts consistently and month. Look at the “How To?” choice on these monsters’ profiles to figure out how to breed them.

Effectively reproducing uncommon mythical beasts regularly takes more than one endeavor – Don’t get baffled in the event that you mate two winged serpents expecting grandness, just to concoct another ordinary person. Attempt, attempt once more.

Try not to squander sustenance when encouraging winged serpents. Hurl it painstakingly – Though it’s enjoyable to indulgence sustenance at your mythical serpent buddies, move precisely. Once your monsters move beyond level five or something like that, a solitary natural product speaks to a great deal of nourishment. Quit tossing when the level gage tops off, at that point assess what you need to do from that point.

Going into an intense battle? Contract a companion, or prepare your winged serpent – Tap on a mythical serpent to pick up the alternative to prepare it for a little total. Preparing it helps its energy for a few hours, which can hand the tables over a battle. On the other hand, you can “Lease a Dragon” by tapping the “Contract” choice beneath your program on the fight arrangement screen. Leasing a mythical beast pulls a brute from one of your companions’ programs. Mythical serpents need to rest for a period after they’re leased, and they require additional fight vitality to take into a battle.

Mythical beast Mania Legends Tips Cheats Strategies

In fight, focus on sort shortcomings and qualities – The mythical beasts in Dragon Mania Legends hold fast to many components, which implies there are a great deal of essential qualities and shortcomings to consider in fight. Try not to sweat about retention, however. In the fight planning screen, you’re offered access to a graph that diagrams who’s feeble to what. Tap on the “I” symbol that is encompassed by a hover to take a gander at the diagram. You can likewise get to the diagram by going to a mythical serpent in its den and looking into its own data.

Search for money boxes on the guide screen – When you enter the old entrance, look around the guide screen for a fast look. You may discover a money box with a diamond in it!

The Jelly Dragon is finned-style. It has a translucent light purple body, giving it the presence of being made out of jam. It has one spike on the finish of its nose, and two different spikes that stick out from the back of the head. It likewise has two scales that ascent up from the cheeks and extend out from the side of the head. It has brilliant cyan eyes, and an underbelly that is more translucent than the fundamental body. It has two worn out wings and four flippers, two on each side.


A mix of Water, Energy and Void Elements are expected to breed the Jelly Dragon.

Reproducing takes 22 hours while bring forth takes 1 day and 5 hours. With VIP Level 2 or higher, the reproducing time is decreased to 17 hours and 36 minutes while the bring forth time is diminished to 23 hours and 28 minutes.

No mix is ensured to bring about this Dragon. Various reproducing endeavors might be important to acquire it.

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